I hate^H^H^H^Hlove you, Subclipse

Inspired by river’s addition of PostgreSQL support, I was gonna make a few quick changes to mwdumper. I figured I’d get Eclipse and the Subclipse SVN plugin set up on my 64-bit Linux workstation so I’d have a decent Java IDE to work on it in.

Well… no.

Neither with the version of Eclipse that ships with Ubuntu Feisty, nor with a fresh copy of it from eclipse.org… when I try to check out from SVN, and get to the final stage, it just… stops. No error message, no explanation. Just the wizard’s done and I’ve got no project.

I… hate… computers.

Update: Mark Phippard explained the secret in a comment — you can check out a project from the SVN Repository browse view, and it works! Thanks, Mark!

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