Wikimedia in Google Summer of Code

Wikimedia’s been accepted as a mentoring organization for the 2007 Google Summer of Code program.

Here’s our organization page, and I put up an initial project list on meta.

The list is semi-protected so it won’t be too vandalized ;) but additional suggestions are welcome. I’d like to ask that people who aren’t directly involved in development not add too much to the main page directly, though; last year we ended up with lots of project submissions for things that weren’t really considered high priority, so I’d like to keep the list a little more ordered this time.

We don’t know for sure how many projects we’ll get assigned, so we’ll see. :) At least Tim and I will serve as mentors for the student projects; if a couple more experienced developers would like to help out with that too that would be super.

Last year’s projects went really well up to the public demo stage but never quite got integrated into the mainline; I’m hoping that this year we can stick with projects that will be easier to slip in and take live much earlier in the process, which should help keep the students interested and the projects active.

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  1. Bravo, it’s fantastic to see we’ve got into this. The other day, I was going to suggest someone look into it, glad to see you’re 30 steps ahead of me.

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