Leverage your synergy

On Rob’s advice, I set up Synergy to share my keyboard and mouse between my Linux and Mac boxes at the office.

Pretty straightforward to set up (if you’re a *nix geek); I had just one nasty surprise. If you’re sharing a keyboard from a PC server to a Mac OS X client, it switches the alt and command keys for you.

That might be a cute option if you’re using a PC keyboard, where Alt and Windows keys appear in the opposite order from the Mac’s Alt/Option and Command keys. Not so cute if you’re using a Mac keyboard and want things to remain sensible.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to switch them back. In the screen section of the config file for the Mac client, add these options:

		super = alt
		alt = super

It seems to consider ‘super’ and ‘meta’ to be almost the same, but if you say ‘meta’ here it gets confused — you get two option keys and no command key.

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