Conference season begins

June 23-24 – Burlingame, California

Domas Mituzas, slayer of slow database queries and WMF board member, will be giving a talk on Wikimedia’s operations. Since we’re having a staff meeting here in San Francisco around the same time, the whole tech team will be out for the conference; come ’round and say hi!

July 17-19 – Alexandria, Egypt

Awwwww yeah

July 21-25 – Portland, Oregon

I’ll be taking a detour through scenic Portland on my way back from Egypt to hit OSCON; I’m particularly interested in checking out the Open Mobile Exchange to get a sense of what’s going on in the mobile web & rich mobile app space.

Portland is the birthplace of Wiki, of course, so a pilgrimage is required. :) Hope to run into some wiki-friendly folks while I’m up there…

2 thoughts on “Conference season begins”

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t see any wiki-related stuff on the schedule at OSCON. But there are plenty of wiki friendly people in Portland. AboutUs is here, and so is a robust Wikimedia community. Us as the Oregon project have our own blog ( and there’s a first of the month WikiWednesday. Unfortunately OSCON is a little late for that though…

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