MediaWiki hosting for SourceForge projects

The other day SourceForge launched their new hosted apps system, allowing SF-hosted open source projects to much more easily set up some web tools for their projects. The apps available at launch include phpBB, MediaWiki, and LimeSurvey.

While it’s been possible to run MediaWiki in your SourceForge project web space for a long time, it’s been a little tricky to set up, particularly as they’ve tightened security configurations in the last couple years.

Centralized administration, authentication, and maintenance should make it a lot easier for SourceForge project admins to get a wiki up and running for their project, and more wiki equals more fun! 😉

2 thoughts on “MediaWiki hosting for SourceForge projects”

  1. Great news! :) They have some wiki system based on for some time. I don’t like some of SF’s behavior, but it is true that SF is the best place for free software development on the Net.

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