Office net providers in San Francisco?

We’re trying to provide more aggressive online backups for our office staff, as well as making it easier to do things like uploading big ol’ videos from the WMF office.

Anybody know a good business internet provider in San Francisco that can provide circa 10Mbps up for less than $1k/month?

That’s what we’re seeing looking around so far and it feels pretty steep… :(

Really wishing Verizon FiOS was available in town…

One thought on “Office net providers in San Francisco?”

  1. I am really bad at original ideas. Everything I think of, has been thought of by someone else already, or done. So here goes nothing…

    How about approaching a few possible providers and ask them to barter? They can make a nice promo with how well their product works for the Wikimedia Foundation, and you get a free ride… Of course you would only give a statement about their quality of service after they have proven they can indeed deliver.

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