Testing AbuseFilter extension

Quick note — we’re now testing Werdna’s AbuseFilter extension on test.wikipedia.org. AbuseFilter will make it easier for on-wiki admins to set up automatic detection and tagging in response to common suspect editing patterns.

A lot of this kind of filtering is being done in client-side bot tools today, but it can be hard to coordinate what’s going on, and responses are usually limited to heavy-handed reversions… by building the filters into the wiki, actions can range from simply tagging an edit for human attention to emergency desysopping, depending on what’s appropriate.

Currently, sysops can define filter rules on Test Wikipedia, but with some limitations on what the system can do in response:

  • Tagging with visibility in RecentChanges/History/Contribs/etc isn’t implemented yet (needs some support in MediaWiki core that hasn’t been merged yet)
  • Filter-triggered blocks, range blocks, and removal from groups is disabled since we don’t want people going crazy just yet. ;)

Werdna will be polishing up the capabilities, interface, and capabilities of AbuseFilter over the next couple weeks … in response to your help testing and providing feedback. Go check it out! :D