Screen integration with terminals?

As a guy who spends a lot of time in remote Linux shells from a laptop, I’m looking for better integration between my terminal emulators and screen sessions.

  • Let me use native scrollbars to access the backscroll!
  • Start me in screen by default so I don’t forget to start one.
  • If I have disconnected sessions, let me choose to reconnect or create a new session, with some reasonable menu.
  • Automatically reconnect to the server and the screen session after network disruption (switching networks, sleeping the machine overnight, etc)
  • Not messing up backspace. (This plagues me on Mac clients a lot. Backspace works fine in regular terminal but becomes forward delete in screen session. WTF?)

Linux & Mac clients both welcome… Anybody know something down this road already available?

5 thoughts on “Screen integration with terminals?”

  1. If you want to fix backspace, do the following:

    Terminal –> Preferences
    Select “Settings” tab.
    For whatever your default setup is (mine is “Pro”), go into the ‘Advanced’ Tab.
    Here, you’ll find a checkbox “Delete sends Ctrl-H”, check it.
    Exit Settings.

  2. If you’re an irssi-er or you just use a utility that uses meta key a lot, under Keyboard in Mac OS X Terminal utility you can make option send meta as well as the backspace fix that Andrew metioned.

  3. As far as I can tell, screen is composed entirely of black magic, Satanic influences and goat sacrifices. The shit it has to pull to do what it does in a twisty maze of terminfos, all different …

  4. Here, you’ll find a checkbox “Delete sends Ctrl-H”, check it.

    Bah! I could have sworn I’ve been using that setting for years… must have missed hitting it again in one of my upgrades. :)

  5. Brion, you can always start a screen using .bashrc:

    By changing your ~/.bash_profile to somewhat like

    if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
    source ~/.bashrc
    exec screen -D -R

    you will always reattach to the same screen session (or create a new one if there’s no screen running). With CTRL+C d you will detach the screen and log out. Use CTRL+d or type exit to close a screen. With the last screen closed you will log out.

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