Putting the media in Wikimedia!

I’m here in the city of lights for Wikimedia’s big Multimedia Usability meeting. We’ve got a fair chunk of our MediaWiki devs and folks with more of the media & communications organization end in one place to hash out some of the key issues and see what we can really accomplish in the short and medium term, including long-needed reworking of the upload interface and the workflow of manually tidying up metadata for newly uploaded files — sometimes coming in batches of many thousands!

Since my free time’s pretty low these next couple months I’m trying to keep my own commitments to where I can pack the most punch…

Things to do proof of concept coding to confirm our implementation theory:

  • Metadata!
    • Proof of concept for template/field/subtemplate extraction and mapping to RDF
    • Try to organize w/ Robert about how to store and search the attached RDF fields in Lucene
    • [Note I’ve been pulling existing exif data to get some stats about what can be pre-extracted; only about 7% of Commons files with EXIF data have a ‘Copyright’ field.]

Things to ponder specs on:

Other things to peek at and give some directional advice on:

  • Check out what it’d take to integrate Geohack tools better (via Magnus)
  • Take a peek at Unicode encoding & keyboard input problems for some languages requiring funky script support such as Malayalam (via Gerard)

Update: Also want to poke XMPP RC test setup per Duesentrieb. :D

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