Fixing portal styles for mobile

  • took cats to vet…
  • misc bug notes
  • a little more banging at Firefox/Android
  • investigated page formatting problems in en.wikipedia Portal pages on mobile (bug 32123 and friends)
  • started on some classes in Common.css for the two-column layouts, designed to devolve automatically to single-column on narrow windows and mobile. Added to Portal:Literature and its ‘related’ portals with good results, but incomplete.
  • Biggest remaining issue in those portals is hardcoded tables of links / icons to other related portals. Starting to replace that with a more modern structure that’ll be easier to modify, and also fits both large and small screens. (Similar to <gallery> which used to be a fixed table and now fills your available area.)
  • another misc bug pass…
  • Heading off to Firefox/Android meetup @ Mozilla SF in a bit

vs before:

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