Top Ten Good Things About Taking Off Your Glasses

  1. helps avoid visual distractions: you can’t worry about what you can’t see
  2. make your games run faster by cranking the resolution down
  3. gives excuse to play with browser’s zoom feature
  4. final step of all ’80s movie makeovers
  5. get to bellyache about them whippersnappers with their tiny displays that are so hard to read
  6. dovetails with nostalgia for ’80s PC and video game graphics
  7. blurry icons in your mobile app no longer concern you
  8. looks sweet if you do it all dramatic
  9. avoid that annoying line where the edge of your glasses cuts off the bottom inch of your monitor in one eye when you’re parked on the couch with your laptop
  10. leave secret identity behind to become Superman

One thought on “Top Ten Good Things About Taking Off Your Glasses”

  1. Sadly, most of those don’t work for those of us who can’t see the nose in front of our face without our glasses. For me to be able to read normal-sized text on my computer screen without my glasses, I have to be so close my eyes can’t focus. Zooming in as much as Chrome will allow, I still can’t read even headings from a normal viewing distance without squinting.

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