HDMI 1080p60 capture or decimation needed for mobile demos

Dear Lazyweb: anyone know a device that can decimate an HDMI 1080p60 signal to 1080p30 or 1080i60 – OR record HDMI directly at 1080p60 for a reasonable price?

I’ve got a Thunderbolt-connected HDMI recorder I use for demos and screencasts of Wikipedia on smartphones and tablets… but some of the newer devices output at 1080p60, which my low-end capture box doesn’t grok.

The devices I’m seeing that can record 1080p60 are ~$1k and/or are PCIe cards which isn’t useful in a laptop-dominated workplace.

Any recommendations?

Update 2013-08-30: I’m getting the impression that there’s actually a combination of two problems: things wanting to default to 1080p60 and HDCP encryption — which apparently is turned on by default for the HDMI outputs on the Nexus 4 and 10. I found a widget that allegedly strips the HDCP, but I’m still not sure if it’s trying to pump 1080p through there in which case it’s still not working. I’m picking up an EDID sniffer/emulator which should be able to detect the EDID from the capture box (which should say ‘no 1080p60’) and put that in front of the HDCP stripper…. we’ll see if that works. Sigh.