Super Tuesday!

California’s primary election comes up in the morning, as are those of a buttload of other states. These combine selections of the various per-party presidential candidates in preparation for the November election, as well as various vital local and state ballot measures — parks, cops, and of course Indian gaming agreements.

Unlike everybody else with a blog, I’m not going to presume to tell y’all who to vote for. :)

But I have to admit I’ve been pleasantly surprised poking about Obama’s web site. I stumbled on this speech he gave on religion in politics, which is probably the first thing a mainstream American politician’s said about religion that hasn’t made me cringe and want to run away to Canada.

Fun election fact: California has a “modified open primary“, allowing voters who haven’t registered a party affiliation to cast their votes in the primary nomination process for a party of their choice… but only among those parties which have opted into it. We briefly had a completely open primary (so you could pick *any* party), but this got shut down on constitutional issues. Currently only the American Independent and Democratic parties are opted in to the system.