Ultra HD for the desktop?

I’m not convinced that Ultra HD will sell on many TVs for the next few years, but could 4k and 8k resolutions give us some AWESOME desktop “retina”-quality displays? You bet your ass they could… please build a 24″ 4k computer monitor and price it reasonably, manufacturers of the world!

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Wikipedia is 12 years old today

It’s January 15 — Wikipedia Day. 12 years ago, the original version of Wikipedia was unleashed on the world. Still going strong; still insane but still cool and still trying to find new ways to be awesome. :)

Next year Wikipedia will become a teenager… what will we see it innovating on then? More mobile interfaces? Better user-to-user interaction and notifications? Sweet sweet wysiwig editing? Hopefully, if schedules are met! Meet us next year and we’ll see…

In related news — today Wikivoyage officially comes out of beta. Wikivoyage began separately but its users recently agreed to merge into the Wikimedia family. Awesome! Welcome everybody!