SyncMaster P

Yo I’m SyncMaster P and I’m here to say
  your colors are all washed out but mine are bright as day!
My contrast is dynamic, 50,000:1
  but your monitor’s all washed out kid, just face it you’re done.
I got the wide screen, yeah it’s 1080p
  and you’re still impressed by that old DVD?
Just don’t be tempted by that darn technolust;
  will a 27-incher come leave me in the dust?
I ain’t got USB or DisplayPort hacks,
  but I’m still compatible with things that aren’t Macs!

StatusNet updates

A few quick StatusNet-related updates:

  • 0.9.4 is about to be released (beta2 tag running on live servers now)
  • StatusNet 0.9.4 is the first release to include an Esperanto translation of the UI — big thanks to all our translators at who’ve helped with EO and so many other languages!
  • We’re still chugging away at a StatusNet mobile client (open source, based on the Appcelerator Titanium cross-platform runtime) Probably betas for iPhone users next week? We’ll also want Android testers, but you don’t need to sign up. :)
  • Among other things, I’m poking at our experimental TinyMCE-based wysiwyg edit plugin. More work is needed before it’s ready for general usage, but it’s kinda neat! (So much easier than adding wysiwig to a wiki since there’s no need to round-trip markup through edits over and over. ;)

Beta testers for StatusNet Mobile wanted soon…

A few weeks ago, we released the first public beta of StatusNet’s dedicated desktop client for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

We’re still working on bug fixes and improvements, but we’ve also been working on a mobile version, which runs on Android and iPhone/iOS platforms (Blackberry support isn’t ready yet in the Titanium cross-platform runtime we’re using, but it should come along in a few months). If you’re really brave you can dive into the source code, but we’re in the middle of major restructurings and UI design so it’s not really usable yet. :)

Once we get the UI polished up in the next week or so, we are going to need some testers to help make sure things work on different devices, different OS versions, at different screen sizes, with different servers, etc…

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and want to test without being a developer yourself, you’ll need to find your device’s UDID number and send it to us; due to the way Apple’s code signing works you won’t be able to install the beta distribution unless your device’s ID was included when building the signing key.

Android users will only need to ensure that “Unknown sources” is checked in Application settings, which allows installing apps from the web as well as from the Android Market. (Some models unfortunately don’t allow changing this setting, in which case you may need to root your phone to get the beta running. Sorry!)

Particular things we’re looking for…

  • older iPhone 2G, 3G devices still running iPhoneOS 3
  • Android phones running older OS versions (1.6 or later; 1.5 does not work with our runtime)
  • Android devices with unusual screen sizes:
    • small low-res screens (less than 320×480)
    • larger tablet devices