Flight sim screen recording helper script

I’ve been taking short clips from my Flight Simulator adventures and making small (sub-4 megabyte) .mp4 clips that I can upload to the forum or social media. The recordings are 3440×1440 up to 60fps, in HDR, and are both large and long.

I usually trim out clips using the trim tool in QuickTime Player on a Mac (yay fast networks), then save a shorter file I can work with in ffmpeg.

Ended up writing a script to automate this; it’ll pick a bitrate to fit within 3,500,000 bytes (optionally including audio), scale down and crop or pad to 16:9, and tone-map the HDR down to SDR for common-denominator playback.

Because there has to be a cursed element, the script is in command-line PHP. :D


A few examples:

Tanarg 912 trike
Grand Canyon in Kodiak 100
Chicago in Aermacchi MB-339
Chicago in Monster XCub