Leopard thoughts

So since I’ve got an iMac with Leopard sitting around in my home office, I figured I’d try actually using it for a while. My impressions so far:

Spotlight: YES! Searching actually seems to work at a reasonable pace so far. Seems to be nicely replacing Quicksilver as an app launcher.

Terminal: YES! Tabs and an integrated SSH agent? I’m sold! Won’t need SSHKeychain anymore.

Spaces: meh Turned it on, haven’t really used it yet.

Finder: meh The new icons are uglier. “Cover flow” for documents seems pretty useless, though vaguely amusing for the ol’ porn folder. ;)

The Dock: meh Its uglier, but who cares? I only see it when I’m actively clicking something on it.

iCal: meh The detail drawer is gone, replaced with annoying popup thingies. Suckage. Update: The new iCal is a fricking disaster. Trying to see or edit details of events is basically impossible. Extra clicks, popups obscuring your view, lack of feedback while changing dates. Someone needs to be shot.

Boot Camp: meh I gave up on dual-booting years ago in my Linux days. Virtualization for the win!

Mail, iChat, Safari: No terribly interesting changes.

Time Machine: haven’t touched it yet.