Vaporware on vaporware… Wikipedia local search on Android?

android-wikipedia.jpgWhile Google’s Android mobile platform is still vaporware insofar as there’s no products in peoples’ hands yet, there is an SDK already out, and under much freer terms than the iPhone’s. ;)

Like the iPhone, Android includes a very capable WebKit-based browser. I’ve updated our HawPedia-based mobile gateway to recognize both the iPhone SDK emulator and the and Android’s browser, so you get properly ‘mobile-sized’ output on them instead of it thinking they’re “desktop” browsers and wrapping the page with a simulated cell phone image….

Unlike the iPhone, Android apps will potentially run on a wide variety of devices with different capabilities… but for those able to determine their physical location, there will be a standard API for location-based services, so it should be possible to make an Android version of our yet-to-be-finalized location-based Wikipedia search as well. Neat!