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We’re trying to get some more traffic onto the new mobile gateway for testing — and figuring out how best to get people to the mobile-optimized site if they hit a regular Wikipedia link while on their mobile phone.

For the moment I’ve slipped in some JavaScript onto English Wikipedia which (intermittently for now) pops up a big link if it detects you’re on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android-based device:

Barack Obama with link

the link takes you to the same page on the mobile-optimized gateway site:

Barack Obama on mobile siteBarack on mobile next page

Text is rearranged for comfortable viewing without a lot of zooming, images are sized for niceness, and sections are collapsed and expandable as you need them. Neat!

Hampton Catlin’s working on getting some awesome stuff going with cross-platform native client front-ends to wrap on top of this basic view for iPhone, Android, and potentially a few other platforms… updates to come. :)

Note that the gateway is not English-only — German, Polish, and a few others have support so far, with others coming. (A few localized bits are needed for the front page interface and other navigation.)

Please report any issues you find with the mobile interface to our bug tracker!

7 thoughts on “Mobile browser links”

  1. David — friendly editing is a long-term goal, though how best to break things up to mobile-sized bits is not yet decided. :) For now we’re concentrating on the editing experience and getting the base in place so we can get some nice native app front-ends to put on top of it.

    Alejandro — the code for the server component is currently being worked on via github: Poke over to #wikimedia-mobile on to chat. :D

  2. Nice feature, brion, but I think there should be a few more Links:
    * Link to the article history! Not linking to the history is a no-go, as it violates the GFDL (imho, ianal).
    * Link to the GFDL. I believe that is also required by the GFDL
    * Link back to the original article on Wikipedia

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