Firefox font rendering differences between Ubuntu, Mozilla packages?

Has anybody else encountered this? Subpixel antialiasing on text seems to be a lot more aggressive when running Mozilla’s packages of Firefox and Thunderbird than when running the Ubuntu packages:

I originally noticed it when running Mozilla’s Thunderbird 3 packages on Ubuntu 9.10, but originally chalked it up to “weird stuff from 32-bit apps sometimes acting weird”, but both the 32-bit and 64-bit Firefox 4.0b1 packages are doing it to me on Ubuntu 10.04.

Is there some difference with the bundled libraries, or some custom Ubuntu or Debian patch that changes the behavior? And can I change it??? I’m liking Firefox 4 so far but this text is just awful on my eyes.

Updated 2010-07-13: Commenter noted this bug, which looks like it may be it:

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