Android USB debugging and screenshots on Amazon Kindle Fire

Got your shiny new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet in the mail today? Desperate to check out rendering & app compatibility issues but taking “screen shots” with your cameraphone is getting old?

  1. Enable third-party app installation in settings
  2. Tweak your ~/.android/adb_usb.ini to include an entry for Labs 126’s USB ID (0x1949)
  3. If necessary (eg on Linux) tweak permissions for the device again using the hex ID 1949
  4. adb kill-server

Plug the Kindle Fire in to your computer with any micro-USB cable, and ‘adb’ and ‘ddms’ etc will work. Yay!

Note that screenshots taken from ddms appear to come out in landscape orientation, regardless of the actual orientation of the device.

Already noticed some layout issues with some of Wikimedia’s fundraising banners in the browser. :)