emscripten fun: libffi on WebAssembly part 2

A couple weeks ago I started porting libffi to work on emscripten’s WebAssembly output mode, in the hopes of eventually getting glib or even gtk+ working in browser-compiled apps.

I got it back set up on my Linux box (moved from my Windows/WSL environment) and spent a little time this morning fixing a few more things.

First, 64-bit integers are now supported in call arguments and return values. This requires jumping through some hoops because JavaScript doesn’t yet have large ints, and so the C<->JS ABI divides them into two 32-bit words. For args, you get two args in a row, first the low then the high word. For return values, the low word is returned and the high word is set in a module-global variable which can be retrieved through Module.getTemp0().

Second, I fixed a bunch of float tests that failed because currently the test suite is being built and run in asm.js mode instead of Wasm. There’s a slight ABI difference again, in that in asm.js floats are always promoted to doubles in args  and return values. Checking Module.usingWasm and using the appropriate “f” or “d” in the signature resolves this.

Note the tests are in asm.js mode because the DejaGnu test runner seems to want to run the executables directly, so I tricked emcc into thinking it’s being run from emconfigure with EMCONFIGURE_JS=2 to force it to build a executable with a Node shebang instead of a native executable (whaaaaa) or bare JS that’s not executable… and currently emcc forces Wasm off in this mode, though I think it should not need to. Will look further into that.

Still have hundreds of failing tests as I haven’t implemented structs or closure generation, but it’s progress!