San Francisco Dent Event

We had a “dent event” meetup of open microblogging fans the other day here in San Francisco, as’s Evan Prodromou is wandering about after the recent RecentChangesCamp in Portland.

There was wacky fun! Beers were drunk, fish and chips were eaten, netbooks were compared, and there was a nice little turnout of Wikimedians and Creative Commoners in the group.

There was talk about some of the various ways in which microblogging feeds are being used in the Wikimedia world (there are Twitter and Identica feeds of Wikinews updates, as well as a feed we set up recently with server administration log updates [and at Twitter]) and some talk of possible set up of localization work for the Laconica software at Betawiki where most of MediaWiki’s localizations are maintained.

We also discussed the necessity of setting firmer plans ahead of time for our next San Francisco Wikimedia meetups. ;)

Also of note — there’s a Laconica hackfest planned in Berkeley tomorrow (Saturday, February 28), which may be of interest to some Bay Area coders.