StatusNet updates

A few quick StatusNet-related updates:

  • 0.9.4 is about to be released (beta2 tag running on live servers now)
  • StatusNet 0.9.4 is the first release to include an Esperanto translation of the UI — big thanks to all our translators at who’ve helped with EO and so many other languages!
  • We’re still chugging away at a StatusNet mobile client (open source, based on the Appcelerator Titanium cross-platform runtime) Probably betas for iPhone users next week? We’ll also want Android testers, but you don’t need to sign up. :)
  • Among other things, I’m poking at our experimental TinyMCE-based wysiwyg edit plugin. More work is needed before it’s ready for general usage, but it’s kinda neat! (So much easier than adding wysiwig to a wiki since there’s no need to round-trip markup through edits over and over. ;)