SyncMaster P

Yo I’m SyncMaster P and I’m here to say
  your colors are all washed out but mine are bright as day!
My contrast is dynamic, 50,000:1
  but your monitor’s all washed out kid, just face it you’re done.
I got the wide screen, yeah it’s 1080p
  and you’re still impressed by that old DVD?
Just don’t be tempted by that darn technolust;
  will a 27-incher come leave me in the dust?
I ain’t got USB or DisplayPort hacks,
  but I’m still compatible with things that aren’t Macs!

2 thoughts on “SyncMaster P”

  1. Confusing… amusing…

    We’re still stuck with the B2230’s I wouldn’t mind something… larger. 42″ LCD’s for EVERYONE!

  2. Certainly, these are no match: Samsung P has Tn-Flim matrix, while CinemaDisplay is IPS display. If one looks for cheaper IPS matrix monitor, take look at LG Display, they are OEM manufacturer of Apple displays. However, I am sure that web pros of such level have enough of money to spend on high quality displays (IPS, LED).

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