Yay productivity


  • review & feedback for MaxSem’s API Sandbox extension
  • a few misc bits of review & bug trackery
  • did some more research & testing on high-density displays (iPod Touch w/ Retina Display, fake HiDPI mode on my Mac)
  • Gave Patrick some feedback on finding some login-related stuff
  • Finally got rid of the horrid extra math rendering options (for 1.19 track)
  • Found out how Blahtex gets its baseline information from dvipng, planning adding that to texvc / Math extension
  • Looked into doing double-density math renderings for high-res displays, was diverted back to more future-friendly MathJax for density-independent client-side rendering \o/
  • Prepping some notes for RFC page & bug updates about MathJax
  • Hoping to get more feedback from folks with experience with this tool

If daily updates like this are super uninteresting to people, or vice-versa, let me know as well. :)

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