See ya later, LATER

There was a question on wikitech-l about bugs resolved LATER and what to do with them. As part of my review time today I went through a bunch of them to see if that was further action; a number of other folks participated via IRC.

Between things that could be reopened cleanly (sometimes with new dependencies) or closed out as already-fixed, WONTFIX, or INVALID, we took it down at least from 324 LATERs to about 250. Nice!

Also poked some miscellaneous bugs and a couple code review bits.

Gave some internal feedback on a test fundraising banner.

Hopefully helped some guy in Spanish on IRC with his group permission question, but might have just confused him further. We’ll see. :)


Spare time spent tonight on further work on BugTender:

  • basic cleanup to search screen
  • ability to select a set of resolutions (‘open’, ‘fixed’, or ‘other’ pseudo-states covering several resos each)
  • can sort bug list by id, creation date, last mod date, prio, resolution. prio & reso are alpha order. Dates may not work in some browsers.
  • URL and bug links in comment text — bug links open the bug in the app, URLs open in separate window/tab

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