ogv.js sound and video now working on iOS

Thanks to some audio-related fixes and improvements from a contributor, I’ve started doing some new work on ogv.js, the emscripten-powered JavaScript Ogg Theora/Vorbis decoder.

In addition to Internet Explorer 10/11 (via Maik’s Flash shim), I now have audio working on iOS — and smaller video sizes actually play pretty decently on a current iPhone 5s as well!

See demo:

Try it out on your computer or phone!

Older iOS 7 devices and the last generation of iPod Touch are just too slow to play video reliably but still play audio just fine. The latest 64-bit CPU is pretty powerful though, and could probably handle slightly larger transcodes than 160p too.

2 thoughts on “ogv.js sound and video now working on iOS”

  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing!

    I can also confirm ogv.js to work with Chrome on my second-generation Nexus 7 tablet: audio works perfectly fine, the device is struggling with video performance, though. Then again things could get much better with WebGL, and Chrome can play free formats anyway, so it’s nice for benchmarking but not an actual target platform.

  2. This is terrific.

    For a while I’ve been wondering why Wiktionary doesn’t attempt to use Javascript to play its Ogg pronunciation files on iOS, etc. Only just discovered you were working on it already, with video too. Nice one. I hope Wiktionary gets this implemented soon.

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